Tackling childhood mortality

Thanks to the support of United Methodist Women, Methodist Women in Britain and Pollock Memorial Missionary Trust we were able to expand our community health work.

We will be tackling diarrhoeal and respiratory infections the biggest 'killers of children' as well as improving the antenatal and childhood development checks.  

We aim to reach rural communities in the municipality of San Onofre. People living in this part of Colombia mostly eat once or twice a day, vegetables or fruits are a rarely a part of their diet. Average household consists of 5 people and lives on less than £120 every month. Less than half of all households have a latrine and have to resort to "going into the hills". Every third household has reported diarrhoeal infection in the last 4 weeks.

You can find out more about our baseline survey and discover what life is like in this part of the country below: