Water network in Brisas continues to expand

The water system at Brisas continues to operate successfully, and the majority of the residents collect their water from the raised water tower in the centre of the village.

During January, a great dael of further work has been conducted to connect and reconnect houses and the IPS Clinton Rabb clinic directly to the tower.  There were a number of piped connections already in existence from the tower to homes, but further investigation showed a high number to be damaged.  A dedicated team has therefore been working throughout January both to replace existing pipes and also connect up new homes.

A simple system of charging approximately 10 US cents to those filling up their water vessels at the water tower has provided sufficient money to purchase new piping and finance the work; and the community has appointed a coordinator who will collect monthly fees from homes (as they are connected) to pay for the maintenance and extension of the system.  These local management and maintenance initiatives will prove invaluable in ensuring the ongoing sustainability of the system, ensuring it delivers water both now and for future generations.

More photos available at https://photos.app.goo.gl/a63ev2bIBiWrEzXZ2