Piped water for Brisas del Mar

After months of construction, involving the cooperation of village residents, groups of volunteers from the United States and professional tradesmen, we are delighted to announce that the electric water pump in Brisas del Mar was today switched on, marking the completion of the project to provide a continuous and reliable water supply to the village.

In addition to drilling of the well and installation of the pump, the project required construction of a pumping station and extension of electricity lines to reach it, construction of an interim tank between the pump and the village, and digging several kilometres of trenches and installing pipework.

The pump is now in full operation, filling the water tower which was already existence in the centre of the village.  Many homes already have a connection with the water tower, but the project will now seek to increase the number of houses receiving a supply from the tank.

Ongoing maintenance of the entire system will be funded by monthly payments collected from each household, under a a management system devised and operated by the residents.