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Safe Spaces

Colombia is the fourth largest economy in South America. A peace treaty was signed after many years of armed conflict and the country is renowned for some of its innovative social projects. However, this success story does not ring true for all Colombians. We work in areas where the armed conflict carries on, with high levels of poverty and violence, and where power struggles between FARC splinter groups, ELN and drug-traffickers for domination leave behind daily human losses.

The disruption of social areas is manifested by the increase in the sale and consumption of narcotics, of sexual aggression against women, and recruitment of children and youth into armed groups. Whilst the recruitment is often forced, at times the minors actively opt in to the ranks of armed groups to avoid economic poverty. Sometimes the recruitment is unconscious and the involvement of a new recruit very gradual. Children are given cash in exchange for vigilance tasks, for example, and youth can initially be used to perform the roles of messengers. Given that the alternatives of decent employment, self-employment and good quality education are out of reach for the vast majority, involvement in the armed groups naturally increases and the group becomes a new family for the recruit.

This mix of abject poverty combined with lack of opportunities, alongside the ongoing armed conflict between drug cartels and rebel groups, results in a population that is subject to displacement, marginalization and an easy target for forced recruitment into armed groups - thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty, exclusion and violence. Lack of accountability and high levels of corruption of local government is widespread, and the under-resourced communities are left without a voice nor opportunities for change. Our projects provide safe spaces for those who are most vulnerable, providing an alternative to life on the street, and reducing the opportunity for such recruitment.


What we plan to do next

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Spotlight on our work in cities

Escuela de Artes Hip Hop Bogota

We work in some of the poorest and most vulnerable areas of Bogota.

This video presents a brief insight into one of our areas of work: the Hip Hop School.

Espacios Seguros Cartagena

In many locations across Colombia, we work to provide a safe environment in which children and youth affected by violence, malnutrition and poverty can learn and play, and where they receive what is often their only meal of the day.

This video presents our work in the city of Cartagena.

Latest news from our Safe Spaces projects

Our congregation in Piedecucuesta is looking to respond to the needs of local children a start a 'For happy and healthy children' project.  The area where we are located is renowned for high rates of internally displaced people by many years of civil conflict. 

ICM of Buenaventura is preparing to carry out a project focusing on young people that are often targeted by armed groups. Children and youth coming from disadvantaged backgrounds (single headed households, incomplete education and low economic status) are often recruited by armed gangs and drug trafficking groups. 

On December 23rd, ICM Jesucristo Paz a las Naciones in union with ICM Jesucristo Rey de Gloria provided gifts to children who would not otherwise have received any, due to their families' scarce economic resources.  Thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ, several people from the community kindly donated toys for this purpose.